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The “ahg”, short for Anschutz Handels GmbH, was founded on May 7, 1976 by Dieter Anschutz and his wife Elfi. Dieter Anschutz, through his position as director of the rifle company J.G.Anschutz, had excellent connections to shooters all over the world. His wife Elfi was a professional dressmaker and thus able to realize shooters wishes and queries. Uwe Anschutz has entered the ahg in 1990.Presently (year 2009) the staff consists of 9 employees (full and part-time). Since January 1, 2009 Uwe Anschutz is sole director of ahg. Business location of ahg is in the city of Ulm, Southern Germany.


Alongside an extensive range of shooting jackets, pants, boots, gloves, optical and tuning accessories, glasses, transport cases, scopes, caps as well as cleaning utensils, ahg also sells sports rifles with accessories made by J.G.Anschutz as well as other manufacturers. Priority objective is to offer a full service from one source.

  • Anschutz 1727 Fortner Canyon Creek Custom .17HMR 22″ (116)

  • Anschutz 1727 Fortner Canyon Creek Custom .17HMR 22″ (113)

  • Anschutz 1710 Heavy Barrel Classic 23″ (352)