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Benelli® offers the largest selection of semi-automatic shotguns in the world; no other company even comes close. There are more than 120 different models to choose from. Benelli offers dozens of different waterfowl models, but there’s a whole lot more. There are turkey guns, youth guns and youth turkey guns. You’ll find the perfect pheasant gun, a feather-light 20-ga. for quail, woodcock and grouse. There are target guns, tactical guns and a shotgun for the Marine Corps. Benelli shotguns come with fancy walnut, synthetic and camo stocks, CrioChokes, ported, cantilevered and rifled barrels. There are even more than a dozen left-handed models. Benelli’s innovations in design, technology and manufacturing are cutting edge and always will be, because with a Benelli, you should expect every feature you need and none that you don’t. No matter your sport, Benelli’s got your gun.

  • New Benelli Ultra-Light 20GA 26″ (N16)

  • New Benelli Raffaello 12GA 26″ (243)

  • New Benelli Ethos Nickel Field 28GA 26″ (L16)