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XX12Everyone who shoots can shoot better. That’s the idea behind the Butler XX12 target shotgun. It’s unique design tames recoil so you stay in the shot. And because we’ve completely changed felt recoil, you’ll feel the same smooth shot every time.

We’ve increased visibility with our carbon-fiber high rib. You simply look at the target and the Butler XX12 target shotgun effortlessly finds it. Faster target acquisition and a field of vision that’s nearly 60% bigger means more broken targets.

Whether you’re just getting into the sport or you shoot thousands of rounds per week, the Butler XX12 target shotgun is a completely new idea in target shooting. Shoot it once and see why better shooters shoot Butler.

Once the Butler XX12 target shotgun components have been carefully inspected and assembled, each shotgun is function tested to exacting standards, then proof tested with proof loads to assure complete safety and reliability. Before being boxed and ready for shipment, each shotgun is also patterned with target loads to make sure it lives up to the Butler Arms high quality standards. Proudly made in the USA.

The XX12


HIGH EFFICIENCY GAS DRIVEN OPERATING SYSTEM uses a chamber/piston system to deliver trouble-free cycling and ejection shot after shot (even the lightest loads), and is quick detachable for ease of cleaning. Minimizes recoil with flattened recoil curve extended over a longer time period.

2 SHOT, QUICK AND CONVENIENT SIDE LOADING Bottom ejection prevents flying hulls and powder blow-back which alleviates distraction to adjacent shooters.

BARREL 30″ barrel is back-bored with extended forcing cones and is chromoly lined to reduce fouling. Laser-trued to deliver perfect patterns at 40 yards.

STOCK Ergonomic stock design offered in sporting Right and Left or trap Right and Left with adjustable comb for perfect sight alignment and mounting consistency. Forearm places barrel deep in leading hand for accurate pointing and better follow-through. Offered in high grade American Claro walnut.

BRILEY CHOKE TUBES for proven performance and reliability. Series 54 thin wall extended chokes. .005, .015, .020, .025 and .030. Select any three.

ADJUSTABLE CARBON FIBER TARGET RIB provides point-of-impact choice for trap, skeet and sporting.

ALL METAL COMPONENTS ARE MILLED AND MACHINED from bar stock, no stampings, giving it unparalleled strength and durability.

AMBIDEXTROUS UNDER-RIB COCKING HANDLE provides ease with unloading, and no impairment or distraction in seeing the target.

CASE Custom fitted and embroidered case by Americase provided.