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The Christensen Arms Difference

At Christensen Arms, we specialize in building custom carbon high-performance firearms using state of the art materials and technology to provide you with a lighter, stronger, more accurate firearm. Using the most refined engineering methods, adapted from Dr. Roland Christensen’s experience in the aerospace and medical prosthetics industries, we create custom firearms of a level that have no equal. Be assured, when you hold a Christensen Arms custom firearm you hold the finest precision weapon made, bringing you confidence and accuracy shot-after-shot in every condition.

When you need it most, make sure you have Christensen Arms at your side.


“Unbelievable Accuracy.” That’s the guarantee of our aerospace-inspired Christensen Arms products. Using aerospace engineering and manufacturing techniques, we produce dynamic firearms that will give you repeatable accuracy to hit your mark. Our firearms are made in-house and carefully re-checked, re-measured and test-fired to verify that they meet our high standards resulting in unrivaled precision. Utilizing quality craftsmanship and modern technology our products take accuracy to the next level.


Christensen Arms has pioneered the use of the finest materials in gunsmithing, ranging from titanium and tungsten carbide to carbon-fiber and more. Using the most advanced technology, we handcraft the elements of each individual firearm in our facility to ensure that you receive the best possible product made from the best possible materials.


While providing a high degree of accuracy, Christensen Arms is focused on making lightweight firearms that are comfortable to carry. Every piece we develop from titanium frames to carbon barrels and stocks are selected to provide a lasting, durable firearm that won’t weigh you down. We produce some of the lightest commercially available products in our industry.


When Christensen Arms turned its attention from the aerospace and medical prosthetics industries to gunsmithing, we brought with us the finest engineering methods available. Today we engineer and develop firearms that perform consistently and accurately.


When we entered the firearms business we dedicated ourselves to applying our experience in advanced composites and aerospace manufacturing to build the very best you can buy. This “Aerospace DNA” is deeply ingrained into our approach to every aspect of firearms design from aerospace-grade precision in product fit and manufacturing, to our revolutionary steel-lined graphite composite barrels.


We specialize in customizing high-performance firearms to fit a shooters wants and needs. From finish coatings and colors to component upgrades and accessories, our wide range of options is designed to impress and perform.