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FABARM USA is not your typical gun company. Passion for the outdoors and clay target shooting drives the entire team of FABARM USA professionals. We listen to hunters and shooters and convey their messages to our engineers to push our products to be the best. We use our products and always ask “What if?” to see how we can make them better.

Our products are made with the finest Turkish walnut and Italian steel materials using the latest technology. Melded together by artisans and craftsmen, the results are beautiful Italian shotguns meant to last under the most demanding environments. American hunters and shooters demand better and FABARM USA has answered their call.

We ask that you visit your nearest FABARM USA dealer to see and feel the difference of a FABARM.

FABARM XLR5 Velocity LR Black

Once in a great while something comes along that is so obvious that it makes you say “why didn’t I think of that?” The Velocity LR (Long Rib) concept is exactly that. We asked ourselves why a semi-auto barrel rib starts at the front of the receiver, a full 4 ½” further forward than an over-and-under shotgun. Doesn’t that unnecessarily shorten the sighting plane? The answer is yes, but we can do better. The new Velocity LR has an innovative ramp style fixed rib that starts at the back of the receiver giving the shooter the maximum length sighting plane for better target acquisition and tracking. The bottom line is that a better sight picture equals more broken targets.

The Velocity LR combines all of the other ground breaking innovations that have made the XLR5 Velocity so popular last year. FABARM Velocity LR – Moving Forward Faster.

The FABARM XLR5 Velocity is the first production semi-automatic shotgun with an adjustable rib. This rib is 11mm wide at the receiver and 9mm wide at the muzzle. It features a style of matting (the filing on the upper surface of the rib done to reduce annoying glare) that I happen to find very attractive and functional. It’s a sort of longitudinal groove that allows the shooter’s eye to better find center behind the barrel. I’ve enjoyed many gun’s that have had such ribs and to me they are a joy. A Bradley style white bead was mounted at the muzzle. The XLR5’s rib is adjustable at the muzzle by means of a knurled finger wheel (a set screw locks it in place when adjustment is found). Lowest setting provides a 90/10 Point of Impact, highest setting gives a 50/50 POI. The 90/10 POI adjustment would certainly accommodate a large majority of trap shooters in the country and the balance of adjustability in combination with the XLR5’s adjustable comb would make it useable for virtually all clay target disciplines. In my range testing the POI adjustments at the rib were done almost on the fly and were easy to accomplish.

The FABARM’s receiver is machined from high strength aluminum (ERGAL 55). Of the two finishes available my test sample was the black matte finish with an attractive leaf and vine scroll engraving. A matte silver (titanium) finish model is available. Joe Cunniffe informed me the engraving pattern of the black matte finished XLR5 will be re-styled in production versions. As of this writing the style has yet to be determined. Atop the receiver of the XLR5 sits a ramp that mates with adjustable rib at the face of the receiver. This gives the eye a smoother transition from the receiver back to the top of and down the rib.

The bolt system within the XLR5 is the familiar pivoting locking block design used in most Beretta and Remington semi-auto and pump-action models. Competitive shooters using the XLR5 Velocity will enjoy the over-size cocking handle that comes standard. To accent the over-size cocking handle and to make less effort of the job of releasing the bolt, the XLR5 Velocity also features an over-size bolt release button mounted on the left-hand side of the receiver. Both right-hand and left-hand models will be offered. Left-hand models will retain the left-side bolt-release button. The FABARM XLR5 Velocity functions in the manner typical of most Italian semi-automatic shotgun designs; it fires and releases a shell from the magazine tube upon trigger pull. You can remove shell from the chamber by pulling the bolt handle back without releasing a shell from the magazine tube. Shells in mag tube can be emptied by pushing in the carrier and pressing the shell latch against the wall of receiver. Fired shells are ejected out the right side of the gun (left-hand models out to the left) but slightly downward and in front of the shooter. This trajectory of ejected hulls is a pleasant and welcome feature when you’d rather not smack your squad mate (or his gun) with a fast flying empty hull. A recoil buffer mounted within and at the rear of the XLR5’s receiver aids in lessening the thump from a long day’s shooting session. The XLR5’s bolt return system is located under the forearm, not in the buttstock. A strong spring positioned around the magazine tube returns the bolt to battery with more than sufficient power and speed.

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