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Craftsmen in the town of Suhl, Germany, have been known as the world’s finest weapons makers. In 1898, the Merkel brothers founded a factory in Suhl that was the first to industrially manufacture over-and-under guns. The Merkel factory grew, and in 1914 the production line introduced side-by-side shotguns. The reputation of Merkel guns spread quickly throughout Germany, to European royalty, and then throughout the world. Today, these classic shotguns rank among the most desired firearms anywhere.

Available in over-and-under, traditional side-by-side, and combination designs, Merkel shotguns, drillings, and combination guns represent an unparalleled investment in quality and value. Merkel is one of the few manufacturers in the world still producing a traditional 16-gauge shotgun. The master craftsmen who create the exquisite engraving and hand-checkering on your Merkel shotgun rank as the most accomplished artisans of their kind. But the beauty of a Merkel is more than skin deep. Cold-hammer-forged steel barrels, Greener cross-bolts, Kersten locks, and double-barrel locking lugs are just a few of the features that set the Merkel standard of excellence. That’s why your Merkel will out-perform any other firearm you’ve ever experienced, whether you’re shooting in the field or in competition.

Should you wish to have a Merkel built to your own unique specifications, Merkel’s fine artisans and craftsmen can realize your ultimate vision. But regardless of your choice from the Merkel line, congratulate yourself on the pure joy of use and sound investment value that rests in your hands.

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    New Merkel 280EL 28GA 28″ (862)

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  • Merkel Drillings 16GA/16GA 7x65R 25″ (219) PSA West

  • Merkel 40E Boxlock Game 28GA 28″ (055)