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Perugini & Visini

Master gunsmiths Messrs. Perugini and Visini, have been building hand-crafted quality Shotguns and Rifles since the 1960s working along side Daniele Perazzi.

Since 1968 the firm of Perugini and Visini has skilfully combined traditional gunsmithing skills, advanced state-of-the-art CNC machining technology and the highest quality raw materials to produce some of the finest “ Armi ” arms available in the world today.

In 2005 James Purdey & Sons, one of the oldest gunmakers of London England, recognised this and commissioned P&V to manufacture their acclaimed Purdey Sporter.

When you order a gun through P & V U.S.A. you have the advantage of choosing your own piece of Turkish walnut gunstock blank. By clicking on the link below a new window will open, taking you to Steve Turgay SIDKI’s web-site, where you can choose any blank that appeals to you.

Each blank has its own serial number and your chosen piece will be used on your gun.

PERUGINI & VISINI is pleased to offer the services of our CUSTOM SHOP to our North American and International clientele.

The highly skilled artisans of P&V have worked on creating and embellishing guns of the greatest Italian Makers for over fifty years.

The Custom Shop specializes in the restoration and upgrading of Italian and Continental guns. Our services include:

– Restocking
– Engraving
– Rebarreling of both rifles and shotguns
– Sleeving and Custom metal work
– Custom CNC maching to the trade and the public.

At P &V we are able to import your current firearm for servicing or alternatively source the firearm of your choice in ITALY and carry out the necessary modifications. As manufactures we are also available to supply barreled actions to varying degrees of finish. Let us help you create and realize your dream gun!

  • Perugini and Visini Maestro Sporter 12 gauge 32″ (979)

  • Sale!

    Perugini and Visini Maestro Sporter 12 gauge 30″ (861)

    $19,495.00 $18,995.00
  • Sale!

    Perugini and Visini Maestro Sporter 12 gauge 30″ (860)

    $19,495.00 $18,995.00