Pacific Sporting Arms Exclusive Beretta DT11 Custom Stock Program

By February 21, 2020Blog, News
Pacific Sporting Arms Announces Exclusive 
Beretta DT11 Custom Stock Program
Pacific Sporting Arms in conjunction with Beretta Italy and Beretta USA is proud to announce Pacific Sporting Arms’ exclusive Beretta DT11 Custom Stock program.
For the past several years Pacific Sporting Arms and Beretta have been developing a program to allow custom fitted stocks on the Beretta DT11 Line of competition shotguns. The DT11 has proven itself on Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays courses throughout the World. Reliability, balance, weight, low recoil has been the reputation of the DT11. The one complaint we kept hearing was the difficulty in getting a factory Beretta stock made to custom dimensions. This could be done aftermarket but the process to get a factory made and finished stock was almost impossible.
Well not anymore! Pacific Sporting Arms’ John Herkowitz and Beretta’s Franco Beretta have put together a program to offer custom fitting for all new and past DT11 owners.
With Pacific Sporting Arms’ over 20-year history of developing new trends in competition shotgun development and stock configurations for several manufacturers of competition shotguns as well as fitting thousands of customers for custom fitted stocks through the years we are now able to order new DT11 guns with custom fitting for each customer.
There are several options available:
  1. Any New Beretta DT11 can be ordered with custom stock dimensions at no additional charge. Pacific Sporting Arms will work with each customer to properly fit each shooter at no charge. Custom ordered complete guns will take approximately 9 to 12 months to be delivered from Beretta Italy. We are looking at ways to shorten delivery time if possible.
  2. If a gun is currently in stock at Pacific Sporting Arms or Beretta USA we can custom order just the stock and matching forend to each customer’s specifications. Ordering just a stock and forend from Italy will be much faster than ordering the complete gun. Once the new stock arrives it will be exchanged and professionally fitted to the existing gun at no charge.
  3. Current DT11 owners wishing to have a factory made custom stock can be fitted and order just the stock and matching forend for their current gun.
DT11 Stocks come from the factory with 2.5 grade wood upgrades. Grade 3 and 4 wood is also available. There are three factory wood finishes: Matt oil, Gloss Oil, and Tru oil. Factory B-Fast adjustable combs can be added to each stock.
Pacific Sporting Arms owner, John Herkowitz travels to Italy on a regular basis, one of his favorite jobs while there is spending the day at Beretta’s vast wood supply facility. Located in the foothills of the Italian Alps is a manufacturing plant with hundreds of thousands of wood stock blanks.
John personally inspects 1000’s of stocks each visit and picks out only the finest blanks for his customers. There is a Pacific Sporting Arms pallet in the factory where all of PSA’s wood blanks are stored until used for our customer’s guns. We can almost guarantee the stocks on our DT11’s will be outstanding examples of the finest Turkish walnut.
For more information, please contact us at either our California or Michigan locations as we truly look forward to customizing one of these very special guns for you.
John Herkowitz – Owner